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Kale Night
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"Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known." - Chuck Palahniuk

"There is no way out. Lie and wait, lie still and be quiet. Screaming holds across the sky. When it comes, will it come in darkness, or will it bring its own light? Will the light come before or after?

But it is already light." - Thomas Pynchon
24, 5.1 surround sound, a clockwork orange, abstraction, androgyny, angst, anime, anthropology, anti-censorship, art, battle royale, beer, big headphones, biting, björk, blood, boston terriers, buddhism, canada, canadian beer, chain-smoking, cold, cold windows, corner gas, cryptozoology, dali, desmodeus, dinosaurs, drawing, dylan thomas, eating beating fish hearts, electronica, encaustic paint, english, erotic art, erotica, falling leaves, fan art, fan fiction, fashion, fighting, fire emblem, fishing, folding paper stars, gender theory, goa, good pencils, gravi, gravitation, gravity's rainbow, hatake kakashi, hating denim, hellsing, heterosexuality, homosexuality, horror, icelandic music, import cars, independant films, indian music, irish literature, iruka x kakashi, japan, japanese, kakairu, kakashi, kakashi hatake, kakashi x iruka, karl hyde, karlspam, kermodei bears, kid koala, kissing fish, leather, leftfield, liquid fish, long sentences, loud music, ludwig van, manga, marcel duchamp, medical anthropology, mercedes benz, mimura, mimura shinji, mirage of blaze, music, naruto, nes, night, ninja tunes, ninjutsu, nintendo, nintendo wii, not replying to e-mails, oil pastels, organic food, origami, paganism, painting, paraphilias, parapsychology, photography, poetic development, poetry, pomosexuality, porn, pornography, post-modernism, post-rock, progressive rock, queer theory, rain, reading, religion, robson arms, science fiction, scotch, sex, sexology, sexualism, sigur rós, silence, sleeping, smoking, smut, space-port prostitutes, spirituality, stars, starseeds, sushi, swarovski, taijutsu, techno, terrace, the real ghostbusters, the surveillance bush, thom yorke, thomas pynchon, totoro, turntablism, underworld, video games, water, wax, wolf's rain, writing, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yuki eiri

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